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Your questions answered here:

Nothing too fancy. An Iphone with iOS 8 or more recent. Or an Android with 2.3 or higher.

Yes, we have universal mounts for sale at the shop which will fit all cellphones.

No, you can download all of the maps and routes for use offline. No foreign data plan is necessary.
The telephone will use its own internal GPS and cellphone towers to position you on the maps that have been downloaded onto the RideWithGPS application.

No problem. You can always stop and take a photo. Best of all, the application will show you on the map where the photo was taken.
You can always leave the application or turn off your phone. The application will pick up where you left off.

All of the Geneva Crown routes begin navigation from Bike Switzerland at 22 Rue des Grottes in Geneva. The shop high-quality road bikes as well as universal phone mounts and external batteries for your phone.